March 2021 Wrap-up | The Month of Midterms

March was a rough month for me. I had midterms and since I’m a graphic design student, my midterms are usually projects rather than tests. I also have had some personal things going on with family and my health so my focus this month was not on reading. But, the one book I managed toContinue reading “March 2021 Wrap-up | The Month of Midterms”

February 2021 Wrap-up | The Month of Book Hangovers

I only read two books this last month, but that’s ok. Both of the books I read gave me massive book hangovers afterward so I struggled to pick up a book after reading these books. Monthly Reading Stats Total Books: 2 read, 3 currently reading Total Pages Read: 1,395 A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire,Continue reading “February 2021 Wrap-up | The Month of Book Hangovers”

2021 Reading Goals

Hey friends! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. The last few months have been rough on me mentally. But, I’m starting to feel better. I want to slowly resume posting on this blog. I think a gradual return to posting regularly here will be better than going full force right away. So, asContinue reading “2021 Reading Goals”

Auto-buy Authors

An “auto-buy author” is an author that you will always buy books from, no matter the content of said books. I think a lot of avid book lovers gain auto-buy authors over time as they find authors that continuously write books that they enjoy. Not every favorite author will necessarily become an auto-buy author, butContinue reading “Auto-buy Authors”

My Prospective Reading List for 2020

I’m what you would consider an avid reader. At least I usually am. Being in university has made reading for fun a bit hard. But I still have a list of books that I’d love to read this year. And hopefully, I can read all of them and maybe more than what is on theContinue reading “My Prospective Reading List for 2020”