Top 5 Wednesday: Author Genre Swaps

Hey y’all! I know this one is a bit late in the day, buuuuut it’s still Wednesday as I write this so I think it’s all good lol. Anyways, this weeks top 5 wednesday is author genre swaps. These are 5 authors that I would love to see publish outside of their typical genre.

1. Sarah J Maas

Ok, I know I mention Sarah a lot, but she is my favorite author. But I would honestly love to see her write/publish something that isn’t in the fantasy romance genre. I love her books (obviously) but it would be interesting to see her write a contemporary or even a mystery or something.

2. Morgan Matson

Morgan usually writes cute contemporary romance. However, I think it would be super interesting to read a fantasy from her, especially with her writing style.

3. Susan Dennard

Susan’s fantasy series, The Witchlands, is so complex and captivating. It would honestly be so cool to see her publish in a non fantasy genre. I don’t know what kind of genre she would write in besides fantasy, but I think it would still be great since I love her writing.

4. Libba Bray

Now, I haven’t read a ton from Libba Bray but I still think her writing style would translate well into an atypical genre.

5. Rick Riordan

I would love to read from a totally different genre from Rick Riordan. I think his style could translate pretty well into other genres, and maybe even other age groups. I think it would be really interesting to get a more young adult spinoff of the Percy Jackson characters/world (ideally Percabeth).

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