Queen of Nothing book review

I forgot to review the Wicked King (oops) but I absolutely loved it. But I finished the whole series so here’s my Queen of Nothing/The Folk of the Air trilogy review!

Disclaimer: There may be some spoilers ahead!


I absolutely loved this trilogy. I’m a huge fantasy fan so this was right up my alley. This fantasy series was dark but I low key love dark fantasy. I feel like anyone who loves fantasy would enjoy this series.

The relationship overall surprised me because of how much Jude and Cardan hated each other, but I think that Holly Black depicted a hate to love relationship very well. Jude and Cardan’s relationship progressed so much in this series and especially in this last book. And honestly, I can’t believe that this story is over. In a way I wish that there were more books because I would love to see more of the characters, but the trilogy wrapped up very nicely.

I was honestly a bit heartbroken at the end of the Wicked King when Cardan exiled Jude. The fae folk are unable to lie but Cardan chose his words so carefully that it took me as long as Jude to figure out the loophole that he gave. To hear Cardan mention that Jude could’ve come back to Elfhame at any time because she’s the Queen made me really feel for Jude. I didn’t think of that loophole so I was upset that I didn’t see that, just like Jude didn’t think of it.

Jude’s character grew so much throughout the three books. I originally wasn’t a huge fan of her since she was so aggressive and in a way unlikable. But she grew and improved over the three books and eventually realized her own self worth both as a person and as the High Queen of Elfhame. After learning more about Jude and how she was raised, I began to empathize with her more. She did what she had to do to survive in the fae world. And honestly, she handled hateful people around her much better than I would have. She grew into the High Queen and I believe that she truly deserves the crown.

I am the Queen of Elfhame. Even though I am the queen in exile, I am still the queen. And that means Madoc isn’t just trying to take Cardan’s throne. He’s trying to take mine.

holly black, the queen of nothing

Cardan changed sooooo much in this series. I hated him at first because of how cruel he was. But he began to let his walls down around Jude over time when she was just his advisor (and eventually wife and Queen). The amount of effort he put in to try and essentially win Jude back was amazing. He became a true King and one that I feel deserves the title.

This series is definitely going onto my all-time-favorites list of books. I love the dark fantasy elements of it all. I gave all three books 5 out of 5 stars. I felt that they were amazing fantasy books that deserved all the stars. I listened to all the books on audio and I highly recommend the audios. The narrator did an amazing job with pacing and voice acting.

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