Tips for Long Distance Relationships

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m currently in a relationship. I’ve been dating this person for about 7 months so far, but a majority of that was when we still had a normal university lifestyle; aka before the quarantine. But when the quarantine started, I was forced to move back home. He was able to stay in his on campus apartment because circumstances allowed it. But since March I’ve been living about 200 miles away from him. While our relationship hasn’t been long distance for very long, I still have a few tips that may help you if you’re in a long distance relationship.

Talk Often

I at the very least text my boyfriend almost constantly. If there isn’t a chance to call or video chat, texting is still nice because we still stay in contact with each other. I do recommend phone calls as well, but I also believe that phone calls are a bit of a personal preference for people. Phone calls are great for conversing with someone, but I personally don’t prefer it.

Video Chat

I know I touched on this in the last tip, but video chatting is really helpful for staying connected over long distance. It’s almost like a face-to-face conversation because you can see each other. I personally use the video chat feature on Discord. The quality is actually pretty decent.

Trust in each other

I don’t know if I can stress this enough. But a relationship is only going to continue over long distance if there’s trust in addition to regular communication. Trusting that your partner isn’t going to cheat is important (and goes both ways). If you don’t have that trust in your partner, it’s most likely going to cause strain and stress on the relationship. I believe that someone will stay faithful during long distance if they are truly serious about their significant other.

If possible, visit each other

Visiting each other while in a long distance relationship helps keep the relationship from getting distant or strained. This quarantine situation may make visiting difficult, but visiting each other (when possible) helps keep the relationship strong. I couldn’t visit my boyfriend for almost three months because of quarantine, but I got to see him for almost a week and it honestly really helped.

I think that long distance relationships nowadays are quite a bit easier because of technology advances. Texting and video chatting weren’t possible for my parent’s generation. When my parents were dating long distance, they had to schedule phone calls and have trust in each other. Now we have texting which is great for convenience and video chatting which allows us to have conversations and be able to see each other. I honestly am so grateful for the amount of technology that helps connect people over long distances.

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? Do you have more tips than what I wrote? Drop them in the comments below!

❤ Kimberly

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