The Mouse Incident

Have you ever had a mouse in your home that was uninvited? It’s likely that you haven’t. Especially if you know when and how the mouse actually got into the house. Well, a mouse invaded my house recently and I feel like this mouse “invasion” story is relatively interesting cause it’s not the typical mouse story.

I moved back home during Spring Break due to the COVID-19 outbreak and I plan on being home for the next few months before I have to move back to my university. When I got home, my dad had been at a Boy Scout youth leadership training camp (it didn’t get cancelled at first because it had started before any large gathering cancellations started happening in Texas). The training camp got cancelled a couple days early so my dad came home a couple of days after I did. I came home on a Tuesday, I believe, and my dad came home on that Friday. 

As both my parents were working on getting all of my dad’s camping gear into the house, my mom apparently saw something unusual on the staircase (I was still in my room at this point). And you can probably guess, it was a mouse!! An uninvited wild mouse. My parents called for me by yelling my name, and that’s not normal in my house so I knew something was up. I went down the middle of the staircase and my mom told me that they were trying to catch the mouse and my dad needed a second pair of eyes to look for said mouse. It was hiding under the couch and very hard to catch. Mice are actually very fast when they don’t want to be caught. My dad kept moving the couch in different ways in hopes of getting to a point where he could drop his jacket onto the mouse so that we could release it outside, but it eventually ran past my mom’s feet (she almost screamed) and the mouse ended up under the fridge. 

This is where the events of this mouse incident start to slow down a bit. My dad tried to move the fridge so that he could catch the mouse, but to no avail. The mouse either moved with the fridge or found the perfect spot that was continuously covered so that it could hide. We decided that there’s no way that we’ll be able to catch the mouse on our own, so unfortunately we had to go and purchase some mouse traps. 

My mom immediately started moving food from the pantry into our camping trunks (if you have never seen one, think of the trunks from Harry Potter but less fancy and more durable). The trunks are made of really hard and durable plastic since they’re made for camping trips. That meant that the mouse is extremely unlikely to chew through the trunks. We left anything that was made of glass or in storage containers that couldn’t be chewed through, but we moved probably 90% of our pantry into two camping trunks and one 5 gallon bucket. We had to make sure that our food was safe since getting food is a little difficult with the quarantine, but also to make sure that the mouse had no food source and thus would have to investigate the traps that we were gonna set. 

Once our food was secure, my parents went to Home Depot to get some mouse traps. The ones that they got were actually pretty cool since it was built in a way that you aren’t going to see the mouse after it goes into the trap. 

Several days go by, and the mouse isn’t setting off the traps. There was a night that my mom and I were talking and the topic of the mouse came up and my mom thought that maybe it had slipped out while she was taking trash out since the back door had been open while she was outside. And literally JUST as she said that, the mouse came running into the kitchen and under the pantry. I was facing the pantry (my mom wasn’t) and I kid you not, I screamed a bit. Which caused my mom to scream. Which caused my dad to wake up and come downstairs. I kept an eye on the closed pantry door to see if the mouse was going to leave or not. My dad grabbed a box and the fly swatter and started trying to catch the mouse. Again, the mouse was too slippery and fast and ended up going under the stove. Obviously, we weren’t going to turn on the oven to draw the mouse out because one, that’s cruel and two, we don’t know if there is a way for the mouse to escape the heat that we can’t see. So, we decided to just wait and see if the mouse ends up in a trap. 

A few more days went by and I started to question the effectiveness of the mouse traps themselves. We even got the traditional mouse traps that most people get to help out. But, it wasn’t the mouse traps that were causing the problem. In the pantry we have a bin that stores lunchboxes and my dad found a bag of cashews in the bin that had a little hole that was caused by little mouse teeth. So, that meant that the mouse was being fed and of course it would have no interest in the traps cause there was a whole bag of cashew goodness for it! So, of course, he deals with the cashew bag. And again, we wait. 

That night at around midnight, I was in bed reading. And I heard a loud noise from downstairs. At the time I figured that it could’ve been my dog’s collar cause that can make some loud noises late at night. But, in the morning when I went downstairs, my parents told me that the mouse had gotten into one of the traps. And while I believe that the ideal situation would have been to catch it and release it, I do understand that sometimes that isn’t possible. Thankfully, mouse traps are designed so that the mouse feels no pain as the trap gets set off. That actually made me feel better because now I know that there was no suffering. 

UPDATE: So the mouse was pregnant. Which means that we had to search for all the babies to make sure we took care of them. My parents found 3 that were wandering, most likely out of pure desperation since we had gotten rid of the mother, and that started the search for the nest. We have a coat closet under the staircase and that’s were the mice were coming from. My mom eventually found the nest and a fourth baby, already passed away. My dad dealt with all of the mice since neither my mom or I wanted to do it. It is sad to know that these animals are now gone, but it was for the better.

Do you have a crazy animal related story? If so, share in the comments!

❤ Kimberly

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