Let’s Talk + Life Update

Hey readers! So I’m sure all, if not most, of you are aware of the COVID-19 outbreak that is now being classified as a pandemic. Now, I will go ahead and say that I am not a healthcare professional and I cannot give you the best answers on the current state of the outbreak. This is a scary time but things are being put into place to help reduce the spread of the virus. 

Colleges and Universities, including my own, are starting to move to online formats for classes to continue. My university specifically will start spring break on March 16. Yes, it’s a week later than most universities but I can’t do anything about that. But, my spring break is being extended by a week so I will get a 2 week break from class. After spring break, every course at my university is moving to online formats. 

Most of my classes already had assignments and assessments online so there isn’t as much of a learning curve. But I’m one of the lucky ones in this situation. I feel bad for anyone who is in visual or performing arts classes or science labs because those specific courses are very hands on and often require in person attendance and participation to get the full educational experience. But I will say that I’d rather my university move to online classes because there are some COVID-19 cases in the greater area of where the campus is located. I just hope that there’s a good way for those visual/performing arts and science students to get a similar experience for their courses.

If you’re wondering about my plans for spring break, well I had already planned on going home for part of the week. But since the break has been extended and my classes will be online, I will most likely be staying home for an indefinite amount of time for the foreseeable future. I will eventually have to come back to my campus cause I currently live on campus and I will have to move out at the end of the semester anyways. I will be taking anything that is unnecessary to living at my university back home to help make moving out at the end of the semester easier on me and my parents. 

I will of course continue writing blog posts since I can write in the comfort of my pajamas if I choose. I also will do my best to keep you all updated on how college is going with the online format and how it’s affecting everything. I do expect this semester to be a bit bland since it will just be online classes but hopefully I can find some fun throughout the process and I will definitely share my experiences.

❤ Kimberly

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